The Notebook for Hackers

supporting Mac OSX (El Capitan), Windows 7+ (64bit) and Linux (64bit)

Inkdrop is designed to be the most convenient and natural way to make notes for your daily hacking.

Syntax Themes

Markdown Support

Inkdrop lets you write in GitHub-flavored Markdown with inline code syntax highlightings. Side-by-side preview mode renders Markdown as you type.

Syntax Themes

Inkdrop comes with several beautifully designed syntax themes. Just choose a built-in theme you like.

Work better & faster.

Inkdrop stores your data on local so you don't need to wait for the server response on every actions. You can access any notes even in offline.

Have it everywhere.

Capture a note once, and it’s instantly available on all your machines. Because the app syncs notes across machines when you install InkDrop on another machine.

Private and Secure.

All access to Inkdrop is encrypted via HTTPS. We utilize customer-proven DBaaS operated by IBM for storing notes. The app can encrypt a sensitive note with password.  Learn more.

Multi window support, live preview, sync scroll, ...and more.

screen shot

Features coming soon

UI Themes

Night theme and so on. You can also customize your own UI theme.


Extend Markdown syntax, and customize features.


Vim and Emacs keybind, custom keymaps


Notebook in notebook.

Image upload

Easily embed images in notes

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